Medical grade switching adapter with exchangeable country plugs-Wall mount
Medical grade Switching adapter with fixed country AC plug-Wall mount
Medical grade switching adapter-Desk top
ITE Switching adapter with exchangeable country plugs-Wall mount
ITE Switching adapter with fixed country AC plug-Wall mount
ITE switching adapter-Desk top
Brazil plug ITE switching power supply
Vehicle power adapter
AC-AC Linear Adaptor
AC-DC Linear Adaptor
Security Network switching adapter
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ITE Switching adapter with fixed country AC plug-Wall mount
12UE Series (8-12W)

*Wall mount / Universal Inputs
*Fixed Euro AC plug-CEE 7/16 Type C
*Optional output connectors
*100% burn-in
*For most European, South America, South Africa…countries’ application
*RoHS Compliance
*Power Saving Level V Compliance



12UE SeriesFixed Euro AC plug



Input voltage

100 to 240 VAC

Input frequency

47 to 63 Hz

Input current

MAX 0.4A (12UE), MAX 0.4(15AE2)

Safety ground leakage current

0.25mA max @ 240 VAC 50Hz



Output voltage

See Rating Chart

Output current

See Rating Chart

Output power range


Ripple & Noise

2% peak to peak maximum

Overvoltage protection

Overvoltage protection

Overcurrent protection

All outputs protected to short circuit conditions

Temperature coefficient

All outputs ±0.04% per degree C maximum



Operation temperature

0 to +40

Storage temperature

-20 to + 70

Relative Humidity

10% to 95% RH (non-condensing)




Power saving level V compliance

Hold-up time

5 msec minimum at maximum load

Line regulation

±1% maximum at full load

Inrush current

Max 40A @ 115 VAC or Max 70A @230 VAC

Withstand voltage

4242 VDC from input to output, 1min.

Insulation resistance

50 MΩ DC500V between input & output.

Mean time between failure

25,000 hours minimum at full load at 25 ambient

EMI requirements:

(a). FCC , PART 15, CLASS B  (b). EN55022:2010 CLASS B (FOR 12UE)

(C). EN55022:2010/AC:2011 CLASS B (FOR 15AE2)

Safety requirements:

(a). CB IEC 60950-1 ed2


Outline Dimension: LxWxH   77.3x49.7x28 mm



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